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                        Zengcheng Zhilishun Enterprise Limited specializing in manufacturing and export sweater since1986. Our company grow up from sweater processing, and now we developed into sweater maker with own export licence. All of our product export and sell well in North America, Europe, and East and South Asia. We located in Zengcheng economic develop district, Guangdong province, with floor space 11,000 square meter, area of structure 21,000 square meter, which include standardised 5 floor workshop, multi – functional office building, individual warehouse and high standard dormitory. Zhilishun Enterprise Limited have various production machine over 3,800pcs, provide yearly output 2,500,000pcs and annual production value over 15 million US dollar, in order to provide better and better strict, considerate, nice quality and service, we got a strictly quality control system during each production process, ensure all of our customer’s order will complete under a stable and high standard control.

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